Mission / Vision:

The mission of the Global Corporate Finance Society (GCFS)  is to set global standards for Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)® members by promoting the highest level of technical and non-technical financial skills.

Our vision is that the FMVA™ designation is recognized globally as the most practical and useful financial analyst certification in the world.


Role and Responsibilities:

The Board of Directors will meet 4 times a year by a teleconference to discuss the overall direction and strategy of the GCFS society, the FMVA curriculum, overall e-learning quality, the annual CFI Financial Modeling Competition, and community events. The Board’s key purpose is to ensure growth and prosperity by collectively directing the society’s affairs, whilst meeting the appropriate interests of its members.


Application Process

The Corporate Finance Society is currently reviewing all applications. We shall nominate members for the board in March 2019.