CFI Financial Modeling Competition

The CFI Financial Modeling Competition – World Case Championships is a global event where thousands of financial analysts compete to build the best financial and valuation model of a business. Contestants have 48 hours to build a model based on the information provided in the case and must generate a series of recommendations in the form of a presentation.

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The Private Equity Case Competition

Contestants from around the world will compete in this annual case competition of an investment opportunity for a private equity firm.  Competitors will be put to the challenge and required to develop and build a financial model and recommendations based on a real-world case that includes including:

  • Analyzing financial and industry data
  • Building a financial modeling and running scenarios
  • Arriving at a valuation for the business
  • Creating a PowerPoint pitch book
  • Presenting recommendations to executive management

As part of your registration in the competition, each contestant will get access to to the case prospectus and helpful resources and materials to complete their submission.

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Why Enter the Competition?

Entering business case competitions can be a great way to learn new things, showcase your skills, earn a world ranking, and win cash prizes!

Reasons to enter include:

  • Learn new things – build an Excel model for a private equity firm and value a business
  • Showcase your skills – use the model you create as part of your career portfolio for job applications
  • World rankings – the top 20 finishing contestants will be ranked globally
  • Win prizes – the competition has $10,000 USD of cash prizes for winners


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Additional Resources

Anyone working towards the FMVA™ certification program (or who has already completed it) can enter the World Case Championships for free! Be sure to enroll and showcase your skills as a world-class financial analyst.

Additional helpful resources include: