Community Events

The Global Corporate Finance Society (GCFS) is a policy-based member-funded organization led by a volunteer Board of Directors.


GCFS brings together top and emerging finance professionals each year at our annual conferences.

These events feature professionals in the industry, including banks (investment banking, equity research, sales & trading, commercial banking), institutions (private equity firms, asset managers, research), corporations (corporate development, financial planning & analysis, investor relations, treasury) and public accounting firms (transaction advisory, valuation, due diligence).

Our conferences and competitions are excellent networking opportunities for those already established in and emerging professionals in the world of corporate finance.

National Investment Banking Competition (NIBC)
The National Investment Banking Competition welcomes 1,600 students from over 100 universities, all competing to be recognized as the best team in the case competition.
CFI Financial Modeling Competition
The CFI Financial Modeling Competition – World Case Championships is a global event where thousands of financial analysts compete to build the best financial and valuation model of a business. Contestants have 10 days to build a model based on the information provided in the case and must generate a series of recommendations in the form of a presentation.
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