The Global Corporate Finance Society (GCFS) is a policy-based member-funded organization led by a volunteer Board of Directors.


The GCFS works to provide the corporate finance industry with stability and growth by improving the representation of financial modeling analysts around the world and enhancing the quality of online financial education. The governing authority is accountable for the management of the association and is responsible for setting policy. All GCFS policies are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure they accurately reflect the needs of all members.

Board Members

The GCFS board is composed of 15 members, all of which have been selected from nominations put forward by society members. The board members are from 10 countries including The United States, India, and Great Britain. Directors are elected and will provide the leadership and oversight needed to create a modern standard of practice in this thriving financial sector

Board Roles and Responsibilities

Each director has a responsibility to act honestly, in good faith, and in the best interests of the GCFS.

Community & society building

In an attempt to provide a lasting impact on the greater corporate finance community, engagement is completed in a way that is closely aligned with society principles. Board directors are responsible for relationship-building and are providing the foundations for conversation to grow in their greater geographical community.

Each board director must:

Offer community support by responding to financial analyst queries

Provide input on long-term society objectives

Assist in determining future GCFS policies

Curriculum oversight

The GCFS board is partially responsible for the continuous development of the FMVA® designation, especially in the enhancement of course structure, whereby board directors review strengths and identify areas of improvement.

Election & Nomination Requirements

Board directors are elected from a variety of backgrounds and must be highly qualified as financial analysts.

The board of directors shall consider nominees that:

Hold high levels of corporate finance knowledge, current practices, and are familiar with the regulatory environment.

Possess strong personal and professional ethics.

Show they are committed by dedicating the time required to service the GCFS Board.

Hold the ability to offer a diversity of opinion to the board and overall policy implementation.

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