About Corporate Finance Institute® (CFI)

Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) is if the official education partner and founding member of the Global Corporate Finance Society (GCFS).  CFI offers a wide range of financial modeling and valuation courses geared towards financial analysts across a wide range of careers including investment banking, equity research, corporate development, equity research, financial planning and analysis (FP&A), treasury, and other areas of accounting and finance.


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CFI’s Mission

CFI’s mission is to help anyone become a world-class financial analyst and advance their career. This guide has been prepared on behalf of the members of the GCFS to highlight important information for anyone looking to become a certified financial analyst in the FMVA™ program.


Corporate Finance Institute Statistics

Below is some important statistical information about Corporate Finance Institute and other companies operating in the financial modeling and financial analyst training industry.

All statistics are as of September 2018.


Total Registered Students: 150,000+

Monthly Website Users: 3 million+

Courses Offered: 24


FMVA™ Curriculum

The FMVA curriculum is created in careful partnership between members and board members of the CGFS and the executive team at CFI. Members have a unique opportunity to shape the curriculum of the FMVA going forward and are encouraged to participate.

Members have the opportunity to:

  • Provide feedback and comments on the FMVA curriculum
  • Suggest new topics and courses for inclusion
  • Run to be on the board of directors
  • Edit and create examination questions


Financial modeling certification


Corporate Finance Institute Reviews

CFI receives regular reviews for its thousands of members around the world. You can read various CFI reviews published by students reviews on its website in three separate areas:

These CFI reviews are highlights from the tens of thousands of students have taken courses and certification programs from the platform.



Courses and training delivered by the Corporate Finance Institute are approved by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) as continuing education credits. Learn more at the National Registry of CPE Sponsors Website.


Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) Corporate Video

Below is CFI’s corporate video providing a 2-minute overview of the company, its leadership team, and its mission. Learn about the importance of financial analyst certification programs and industry training for performing world-class financial analysis.

This video provides a behind the scenes look at the Corporate Finance Institute.



Additional Resources

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