Board of Directors

The Global Corporate Finance Society (GCFS) is a policy-based member-funded organization led by a volunteer Board of Directors.


The Global Corporate Finance Society (GCFS) is led by a volunteer Board of Directors and are selected from nominations put forward by society members. The Directors are bound by our ethics and standards.

The governing authority is accountable to the members for management of the association and is responsible for setting policy and direction for the GCFS. The elected GCFS Board of Directors determines the Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, and policies that help guide the society’s efforts. GCFS policies are reviewed on annual basis to ensure they best reflect the needs of its members.

Joseph Frantz

New York City, USA

Lisa Dorian

New York, USA

Scott Powell, FMVA

Director, Instructor
Vancouver, Canada

Lester A. Leong, FMVA

Santa Monica, USA

Ryan Small, FMVA

San Francisco, USA

Rajib Bose, FMVA

Delhi, India

Amin Vali

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Scott Needham, FMVA

Johannesburg, South Africa

Mario Bartz

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Jibran Khan

Toronto, Canada

Liza Vogt, FMVA

Brisbane, Australia

Vitor Morato, FMVA

Brasilia, Brazil

Stefano Sanna, FMVA

Paris, France

Arno Wakfer CA, FMVA

Brisbane, Australia

Tim Vipond, FMVA

Vancouver, Canada


The Board of Directors of the Global Corporate Finance Society (GCFS) is elected by the membership on biennial basis to handle the running of the business of the society.

If you or someone you know would be interested in joining the GCFS Board, please fill out the Board Self-Nomination Form.

  • Max. file size: 128 MB.

Future of GCFS

The GCFS Board of Directors is currently implementing a marketing campaign to advance professional standards of practice. and in doing so expand society’s professional presence within government agencies, universities and colleges, and the public sector.

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